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To Move or Not To Move?

What a terrifying question. Do you look at the countless questions to be answered and choose to stand still or do you take a deep breath and take a step of faith into your calling? Standing still means comfort, no disappointments, no challenges and not being able to fail. It also means laziness. Taking a step in faith means possibilities, stretching, growth and being a world changer. That’s exactly why you are here. To change the world in the place God has strategically placed you.

You cannot wait around for everything to begin to fall into place and God to audibly speak from the clouds with flashing lights saying that it is your time to move. He has given you discernment to know His will. When He is calling you to make your move you must go all in not toe first to test the waters. If you test the waters you will leave yourself options for if this doesn’t work. These backdoors will be a crutch that could lead to your disaster.

Could you imagine having a backdoor for your marriage? If you always had the option to leave in the back of your head you would begin to find reasons to be unhappy and believe there is something else out there that would make you more comfortable. Having options when you step into the calling God is asking of you leaves room for the enemy to play his games and begin to convince you that when you’re becoming too uncomfortable, you can retreat. So from the very beginning you must be willing to give God every ounce of your commitment and ask Him for His divine strength to resist any option that seems more comfortable.

Can you do this?

Probably not.

Can you fail at it?

Probably so.

Will people mock you?

For sure.

Just like with Gideon God will give you the very things you need to accomplish His plan and He will do the rest.

Trust Him and MOVE.

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