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It's Not About You

When we face the questions that fear has brought to our attention they all have one common piece of information: self. Fear directs all things back to who we are, what we are capable of and how this will affect us. Fear teaches us to think so highly of ourselves in hope that we would forget the power Christ died to give us.

God teaches us that all things we do should be for kingdom advancement, not self-advancement. He shows countlessly within the bible and throughout history that He can bring to pass what He is asking of someone. We are never a one-man show.

Look at Gideon. He started out with more than 30,000 men. God shrunk Gideon’s army slowly until he had only 300 men, taking away the security of a sure win. God knew that with only 300 men no one could deny that it was because the God of Israel was on their side that Gideon’s men had victory. God also knew it would humble Gideon and bring him to see that the impossible is only possible with God.

Your dream is a part of a puzzle that pieces together a bigger vision. You must play your part, but never think so highly of yourself that the end result falls on you. God’s reputation is on the line, not yours. He has proven time and time again that He always comes through

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