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Ambassadors of Heaven

When we accept Christ as our savior and begin to proclaim His name, there is a very big shift that happens. Our lives no longer represent ourselves, but they begin to represent Christ to those around us. We become ambassadors, if you will.

The people around us, both believers and non believers, look at our daily lives and see who Christ is. So that family member who doesn’t go to church, that friend on Facebook struggling to know if God even cares, that coworker who gave up on church because of all the hypocrites: they’re now looking at you as an example of who Christ is. Knowing how to walk as a citizen of Heaven is vital to being the light we need to be for those around us, as well as to experience His fullness here on Earth.

It starts with our representation. As we walk daily, our everyday choices are bringing or taking glory from God. The entertainment we choose, the arguments we engage in, the jokes we laugh at and even the words we speak in the midst of chaos are telling those around us who Christ is to us.

Next is our source. We must learn to receive from Heaven and not from our best. Paycheck to paycheck is what we can do. Abundantly above and beyond is what Heaven intends for us. When we live with Christ as our source, those around us see our hands prosper in the falling economy and are shown hope to be prosperous. If they see us struggling along with everyone else they see no difference in our God and their worldly views.

Then, there’s forgiveness. In all things we should give and receive forgiveness to walk fully in what Heaven has for us. We shouldn’t let someone’s choices keep us in unforgiveness. Just as we shouldn’t allow our mistakes to keep us repenting about the same thing 100 times. We must learn to leave the past where it belongs. Having Heaven on Earth is done by Heaven’s rules. Heaven’s rules are found in the bible. We are given a fully detailed guide from Genesis to Revelations on how to walk as Heaven’s citizenship. How much time we spend in His word will dictate the amount of freedom we walk in.

So we need to get in our word and learn how He is calling us to represent Him to those around us.

Too busy for that?

How’s that working for you?

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