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The Four Horses

The book of Revelations can be exciting, confusing and excitingly confusing. You’re being told about horses, seals, Christ’s returns (there is more than one in case you didn’t realize that) and even beasts. Revelations really needs to be broken down into five books: the beginning, Heaven’s viewpoint, Earth’s viewpoint, Satan’s viewpoint and the end. In our day, it is important, actually vital, that we understand what the book of Revelations is telling us. If we can take each section and break it down, we are more capable of understanding and seeing where we stand. In chapter 6, we are told about four horses. These four horses are major influences within what is the beginning of the last days. We aren’t told they are good nor bad; we are simply told they are the four influences among the Earth. The first horse symbolizes the Catholic Church. It is white, carries a bow with no arrows and conquers countries without war. The Catholic Church is the only religion whose leader is a head of state. The second horse is Communism. It is red, needs war to maintain itself and kills its own people. The third horse is Capitalism. It is black and sustained by economics and free enterprise. All three of these horses have been influencing the world for years now. They aren’t going away no matter how hard anyone tries to make them go away. The Bible clearly states these three horses will be influencers among the Earth when Christ returns.

The fourth horse, Death, is pale green. It will rule ¼ of the Earth. When we look at what influencers are on the scene today, we see the Catholic Church, Capitalism, and Communism. There is now a fourth influencer. Within the last five or so years, there has been a people rise up who love death more than life, according to their leader. They have outspokenly said they are willing to die for their beliefs. They are killing thousands upon thousands of people who do not believe as they do. They released this fourth horse within the chaos in the Middle East. This horse is Islam.

All four horses are now at work. Christ’s return is closer with each passing day. This isn’t anything to be fearful of. He comes back before the wrath of God takes place. When God’s wrath does take place in the first 3 ½ years of tribulation, the 144,000 will be here to gain as many believers as they can. In the last 3 ½ years of tribulation, Heaven will be silent, just as it was silent between the old and new testament.

We bypass all this. We have the opportunity to understand the Bible and learn who Jesus is. The heart of the Father is calling us right now. He wishes that none of us would be part of tribulation. He is keeping Christ from returning for those who will give their hearts to Him. If that is you, there is still time. Read the signs in the world, understand what is on the scene today and know whose you are.

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